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Welcome to my website. If you got here because you found the QR code on my phone, keys, wallet, or camera; Click the [CONTACT] button below and we can discuss ransom.


Oh hey there!

Considering hiring me for a design position? You've come to the right place.
Check out this link for a mobile app that I designed 2 years ago
And this link for a mobile app I designed last year
A lot of the work that I've done recently that I'm most proud of I can't show because of usage rights and NDA agreements, but rest assured I have been improving my design ability on a daily basis and continue to follow new and emerging trends in design so I can stay ahead of the curve.


About Me

Hello There!
You can call me Fin, I am currently
-23 years old
-Graduated in May 2015 from the University Of St. Thomas (St. Paul) with a BS in Computer Science
-Have been working at the Jed Mahonis Group since May of 2013 doing mobile app design and website development
-In my free time I explore my artistic side by drawing, painting, exploring, and professional photography.
Feel free to check out this site and get in touch with me if you have any questions!
Thanks, and have a great day :)


What I Do:


Professional Photography


Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
From weddings, to portraits, to product shoots. I've got you covered. Pricing and availability can be accessed via the [CONTACT] page a little farther down from here.
Armed with a Canon 5D Mark iii, a 50mm f/1.2 lens, 24-100mm f/4, and in the near future a Tokina 15-30mm f/2.8.


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UX/UI Design


Over 7 years specializing in iPhone and Android User Experience and Application design.

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Graphic Design


Over 7 years experience developing logos, icons, product labels, album art etc...
If you can dream it, I can design it.


Website Design


Oh yeah, almost forgot; I know HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, ASSEMBLY, PHP, and SQL. 
I used Three of those languages to make this website!


Enough about me
let's talk about you

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How can I help you?

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This donation box is a serious commitment.
A commitment to my success and yours.
Every single penny will go to buying books, tutorials, and knowledge that I will use to better the planet as a whole.
You will be able to see the results of your donation because I will personally send you an email describing what I have done to help myself and others with your gift.
I appreciate your generosity.


Still here?
Enjoy this queue of pictures I have taken for people

Enjoy the opening video with sound!